The Jeff Cavins Show (Your Catholic Bible Study Podcast)

Jeff shares personal tips and scriptural truths to help you live as a modern-day disciple of Jesus Christ.

About the show

In his weekly Catholic Bible study podcast, Jeff shares faith tips and scripture truths to help you live as a modern-day disciple of Jesus Christ.

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  • Family Members Who Are Lost

    April 9th, 2021  |  32 mins 24 secs

    Who are the lost sheep in your life? Today, Jeff explains the parable of the lost sheep, and shares how we can find the lost sheep in our lives, and bring them back to Christ.

  • Our Lord’s Example During Holy Week

    April 2nd, 2021  |  25 mins 30 secs

    What example did Jesus leave us just hours before his Passion, and how are we following it today? Today, Jeff reflects on John 13 and its relation to Holy Week 2021, and how we can follow Christ’s example every day. He also speaks with Anna Mitchell about Bible in a Year, featuring Fr. Mike.

  • A Shift In Thinking That Will Change Your World

    March 26th, 2021  |  30 mins 20 secs

    We need to start thinking post-resurrection instead of pre-resurrection. Today, Jeff explains a shift in thinking that will not only change our life but will change our relationship with Christ for the better.

  • Between Two Yearns: The Spirit and The Flesh

    March 19th, 2021  |  17 mins 49 secs

    Have you ever felt stuck between the desires of the spirit and the desires of the flesh? Today, Jeff shows us how to overcome the constant tension we feel between our yearning for heaven and our yearning for the things of this passing world. By taking us back to Scripture, he shows us how to face this battle and walk according to God's purpose for our lives.

  • The Powerful Principle of Sowing & Reaping (with Chef John Folse)

    March 12th, 2021  |  50 mins 5 secs

    Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is just ask, “How can I help?”. Today, Jeff is joined by Chef John Folse to talk about the woman who raised him, Mary Ferchard, and how her Christ-like witness inspired him to always help others however he can.

  • Drinking From An Eternal Fountain

    March 5th, 2021  |  29 mins 38 secs

    Just as our bodies need water, our souls need nourishment too. Today, Jeff talks about the importance of renewing our relationship with Christ through his eternal fountain.

  • Two Great Phrases For Witnessing

    February 26th, 2021  |  28 mins 32 secs

    Ever find yourself not knowing what to say when evangelizing? Today, Jeff gives two phrases we can go to when being a witness of Christ.

  • Getting Rid of Belly Button Lent

    February 19th, 2021  |  27 mins 41 secs

    Everyone needs to search their hearts and ask how they will prepare for the Lord. Today, Jeff talks about how we can use Lent to draw ourselves closer to God and to prepare our hearts for his coming.

  • What Are You Doing Waiting in Line?

    February 12th, 2021  |  29 mins 17 secs

    We spend so much time standing in lines, why not make the best of it? Today, Jeff talks about 8 ways we can take advantage of the time we spend standing in line.

  • The Man Who Failed His Driving Test 17 Times

    February 5th, 2021  |  30 mins 13 secs

    We all face failure, but trial comes with a great opportunity for grace. Today, Jeff talks about embracing failure as a way to grow in Christ, instead of becoming discouraged.

  • A Message to Young Catholic Entrepreneurs

    January 29th, 2021  |  39 mins 28 secs
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    Young Catholic entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever. Today, Jeff shares his experience working in the Catholic media industry and offers us ten tips for young Catholic entrepreneurs today.

  • Take Time to Think

    January 22nd, 2021  |  32 mins 35 secs

    When was that last time you just sat down and meditated on life? Today, Jeff talks about the importance of taking time daily to think.

  • Bringing Children into a Broken World

    January 15th, 2021  |  29 mins 12 secs

    What the world needs now, is love. Today, Jeff debunks 3 reasons for not wanting to bring children into this broken world, using scripture and the example of St. Zelie and St. Louis Martin.

  • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    January 8th, 2021  |  36 mins 44 secs
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    Today, Jeff explains how we can bring light into our lives to combat the darkness of the world.

  • Thank God It’s Friday

    January 1st, 2021  |  10 mins 51 secs

    Happy New Year! Today, Jeff gives some encouragement for starting 2021 strong and spiritually healthy.

  • A Special Christmas Gift from Fr. Mike Schmitz

    December 25th, 2020  |  20 mins 29 secs
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    Merry Christmas! Today, Jeff talks with Fr. Mike Schmitz about his new podcast, Bible in a Year, which launches on January 1st, 2021.