Episode 154

Would It Have Been Fun to Be Jesus?


February 21st, 2020

32 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Jesus could heal people, walk on water, control the weather, multiply food, make wine, walk through walls, and wake the dead. Having such incredible abilities sounds amazing, but would it have been fun to be Jesus?

Though there were moments of happiness and fun, the purpose of Jesus’ ministry was to tell people to repent and return to the Father, and many, including his own disciples, rejected and denied him. He knew that this would happen, but did not use his power to stop it.

The things most worth pursuing in life (marriage, raising kids, having a deep spiritual life, etc.) are never going to be fun all the time, because love isn’t just fun and warm fuzzy feelings.

The goal of life isn’t to have as much fun as possible before we die, it’s to live a life like Jesus, one that is centered on the love of God.

Snippet from the Show
“Our goal in relationships is not fun. It’s love.”

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