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Episode Archive

339 episodes of The Jeff Cavins Show (Your Catholic Bible Study Podcast) since the first episode, which aired on January 6th, 2017.

  • What Do You Smell Like to God?

    May 10th, 2019  |  32 mins 23 secs
    bible, bible scholar, catholic, catholic church, catholic podcast, catholicism, christian witness, god, how to please god, jeff cabins, jeff cavin, please god, prayer, sacrifice, sacrifice of love, scripture, what god loves, what is pleasing to god, witness

    Did you know God likes certain aromas and smells? It’s not the literal smell that finds favor with God, but the meaning behind the smell. For example, the smell of incense represents prayer going up to heaven, which God loves.

    Jeff breaks down the four favorite aromas of God in today’s episode: prayer, repentance, witnessing, and sacrifice. He also reads out some feedback and answers questions from listeners.

    Do you have comments or questions for Jeff? Use the comment box below, or email Jeff at [email protected]. You may hear your question or comment in an upcoming podcast episode!

  • Meet My Friends: Michael Gormley and Dave VanVickle

    May 3rd, 2019  |  38 mins 20 secs
    bible, biblical scholar, catching foxes, catholic, catholic bible, catholic evangelization, dave vanvickle, evangelists, evangelization, evangelize, every knee shall bow, gomer, jeff cavins, michael gormley, scripture, scripture scholar

    Jeff sits down with Michael Gormley and Dave VanVickle, hosts of Every Knee Shall Bow, a podcast about how Catholics can evangelize and share the faith.

    Mike and Dave are both very active in evangelization at their parishes and in their personal lives. We talk about the assumptions we make about other Catholics, tracks (pamphlets that preach the gospel), and what to say to people who don’t consider evangelization their “gift”.

  • 7 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

    April 26th, 2019  |  34 mins 22 secs
    bible, bible study, bible timeline, catholic, catholic bible study, catholicism, scripture, scripture scholar, soul

    Just as we need to eat to nourish the body, there are certain things we need to do to nourish the soul. Jeff shares 7 ways to truly feed our souls: eucharist, scripture, prayer, confession, focused reading, getting to know the saints, and taking care of your body.

  • A Holy Week I Will Never Forget

    April 19th, 2019  |  7 mins 38 secs
    holy week
  • How To Talk on Water

    April 12th, 2019  |  36 mins 56 secs
    catholic, catholic church, catholicism, christ, evangelization, evangelize, good news, gospel, jesus, jesus christ, kerygma, lord, scripture, share the faith, walk on water, witness

    Have you ever tried walking on water? It is definitely not something we can do on our own. But this scripture passage is an invitation for each of us to get out of our comfort zones and come to him. One of the ways we can do this is by sharing the good news of the Gospel with people he puts in our paths. Jeff talks about what to say to others about God as well as tips for approaching people. When we share the message of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit confirms that message in those hearts. One person plants the seed, another waters it, and God allows the growth. How do you share your faith with other people?

  • Meet My Friends: Chef John Folse

    April 5th, 2019  |  48 mins 28 secs
    bible, catholic, catholic faith, catholic witness, faith story, inspiration, inspirational life story, interview, jeff cavins, john folse, jp ii, scripture, witness to the faith

    Jeff is talking to Chef John Folse, restaurant owner, television host, leading authority on cajun food, and devout Catholic. From growing up in the swamps of Louisiana during segregation, to serving food to President Reagan and Soviet Leader Gorbachevat, to meeting St. John Paul II, Chef John says he strives everyday to ask God, “What do you want me to do now?”

  • How I Learned to Read Minds

    March 29th, 2019  |  35 mins 52 secs
    being nice, bible, catholic, christian, friendly, fruits of the holy spirit, golden rule, holy spirit, how to love your neighbor, how to treat others, kind, love, love you neighbor, marriage, relationships, scripture

    Do you want to learn how to read minds? All you have to do is think about what you wish people would do for you, and then do it for them. You’ll find it’s exactly how people want to be treated. It’s like reading their mind.

    Do you want understanding, forgiveness, compassion, respect, and friendliness from others? They want that from you as well.

    We can also look to Scripture to discover how people want to be treated, especially the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law” (Galatians 5:22-23).

  • Meet My Friends: Fr. Josh Johnson

    March 22nd, 2019  |  37 mins 44 secs
    ask fr. josh, body of christ, broken and blessed, catholic, catholic books, catholic interview, church, church scandal, confession, fr. josh, fr. josh johnson, interview with a priest, priest, sacraments, sin, suffering, we are one body

    I’m speaking with Fr. Josh Johnson, pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fr. Josh has a new book out, Broken and Blessed, about how we are broken and our Church is broken, but that the mercy and blessings of God surpasses all our failings. We discuss this theme of brokenness: how to respond to it in others, what to do about it in the Church, and what God thinks of us when we fall.

  • The Power of Repentance

    March 15th, 2019  |  37 mins 51 secs
    bible, bible scholar, bible stories, bible stories on repentance, catholic, confession, examination of conscience, jeff cavins, prodigal son, regret, repentance, repentence, scripture, scripture scholar, scripture verses on repentance

    Repentance is critical for a healthy spiritual life. If we want to get over our mistakes and really orient ourselves around God, we have to have a daily repentance. True repentance is not only a change in mind, “O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you” but also a change in action, “I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to sin no more … ” Learn about stories of repentance in the Bible and what these Scripture verses mean for you. Want the shownotes? Check out this episode at or email us at [email protected]

  • A Strategy for Lent

    March 8th, 2019  |  34 mins 19 secs
    40 days, almsgiving, be more like jesus, bible, biblical scholar, catholic, fasting, genesis, gospel, jeff cavins, jesus, lent, lent 2019, lenten committment, lenten strategy, prayer, scripture, three pillars of lent

    Stick to the three pillars of Lent for the full forty days with this strategy from Jeff Cavins. We hear about fasting, almsgiving, and prayer so often during Lent that the words can become bland and lose meaning. But these practices are not arbitrary measures designed to make us miserable for forty days. They are spiritual disciplines specifically aimed at three areas of weakness in our souls. They help us overcome sin and become more like Jesus. Jeff shows us the effectiveness of these practices by comparing biblical figures from Genesis and 1 John to Jesus’ example in the Gospel of Matthew. He also provides some alternate ways of thinking about fasting, almsgiving, and prayer to help rejuvenate our commitment this Lent.

  • Is Your Parish Stuck in Traffic?

    March 1st, 2019  |  30 mins 19 secs
    baton rouge, catholic, church, church community, community, fr. josh, fr. josh johnson, gridlock, how to get things done, jeff cavins, parish, parish community, red tape, scripture, stuck in traffic, traffic

    Parish life sometimes feels like being stuck in traffic. Things aren’t moving forward, resources are limited, tempers flare, and it feels like there’s nothing we can do to move things along. But Jeff heard an interesting take on this from Fr. Josh Johnson. He said, “You’re not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.” Without knowing it, we can contribute to parish gridlock. Jeff points out several areas where we aimlessly honk our horns instead of doing something to ease the tension, and finds Scripture verses that can help us avoid these tendencies.

  • Meet My Friends: Dr. Edward Sri

    February 22nd, 2019  |  32 mins 30 secs
    ascension press, christ's passion, dr. edward sri, go deeper into lent, holy week, jeff cavins, lent, no greater love, pilgrimage to israel, the passion of christ

    In today’s episode, Jeff tries something new. He wants you to meet his friend Dr. Edward Sri.

    Dr. Sri is a theologian, speaker, author of several bestselling books, and also hosts a podcast. He just authored a brand new book entitled “No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion.” In addition to the book, he went to Israel to film videos that allow you to meditate on Christ’s passion in a much deeper way.

    Jeff and Dr. Sri also answer tough questions such as:
    If God is going to wipe away our sin, couldn't there have been another way besides crucifixion?
    Was Jesus abandoned by the Father when he called out “My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?”
    Did Jesus have second thoughts about dying for our sins when he asked God to “let this cup pass from me?”

    Snippet from the Show:
    “You will never see God’s love more beautifully shine than in these accounts of Christ’s passion.”

    For the full shownotes, go to or email us at [email protected] to get them delivered stright to your inbox.

  • Feel Like An Outcast? Touch Jesus’ Garment

    February 15th, 2019  |  28 mins 27 secs
    alone, bible, bible study, bleeding woman, catholic, feel like an outcast, isolated, jesus heals, lonely, mark 5, outcast, scripture

    It is the people who feel like outcasts that Jesus longs to touch. He longs to give their lives significance and meaning. Jeff explains the context behind the bible passage about the woman who touched Jesus’ garment (Mark 5:25-34) and shows you ways to reach out and touch him today.

  • Obtaining Peace of Mind

    February 8th, 2019  |  34 mins 42 secs
    catholic, christian, god's peace, jeff cavins, peace, peace and quite, peace of christ, peace of mind, prayer, scripture, scripture for peace

    Peace of mind is something we all struggle towards, but rarely achieve. Today, Jeff talk about why we are unable to obtain peace and gives you five practical ways to reach this elusive state of mind.

  • The Shape of Your Day (Episode 100!)

    February 1st, 2019  |  31 mins 10 secs
    disciple, discipleship, doing god's will, first thing in the morning, how to put god first, leisure time, morning prayer, practical discipleship, put god first, shape of your day, time for god, time for prayer, using your time wisely, what do you do

    Jeff explains how a true disciple not only believes, but listens, reflects, and acts on the Word of God. If you want to change the shape of your day, change the shape of your morning...that’s where it all begins.

  • Enter to Win! The Jeff Cavins Show Turns 100

    January 25th, 2019  |  6 mins 6 secs
    books from jeff cavins, celebrating 100 episodes, enter to win, free catholic books, giveaway, jeff cavins, lucky listeners, podcast giveaway, the jeff cavins show, weekly shownotes

    Next week is The Jeff Cavins Show’s 100th episode and we want to do something to celebrate! We will be giving away three signed copies of various books Jeff has written: The Activated Disciple, Walking with God, and My Life on the Rock.